The upcoming conference presentations, posters, and panels address a number of relevant and timely issues, including topics such as good governance and public opinion research, public opinion and public diplomacy, public opinion and policymaking, public opinion and survey research, news, media, journalism and public opinion, panel, longitudinal and national monitoring surveys in policymaking, new sources of information on public opinion and the use of social media, methodological challenges and improvements in the areas of sampling, measurement, survey design and survey response or non-response, political behavior, participation and culture in survey research.

Featured panels are organized to address important themes such as public opinion research in conflict zones and in times of war, challenges of comparative research in international survey projects, and effectively communicating public opinion to policy makers. The opening plenary session will feature two special panels where we will embark on a historical journey to track back the first 75 years of WAPOR history on one hand, and to look ahead at the prospects for the next 75 years of public opinion research. Other remarkable events at this year’s conference include first presentation of the ESOMAR-WAPOR 2022 Freedom report and launch of the WAPOR new Regional Chapter in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This year becomes another turning point in the WAPOR history as for the first time WAPOR conference is taking place in the Gulf. A number of conference panels are organized by the local scholars to address important aspects of public opinion research in the UAE, including public opinion research and public policy, advocating SDG16 and the role of institutions, measuring culture through statistical indicators and other. Furthermore, to get acquainted with the local culture, the conference welcome reception will feature an exciting Safari Adventure and barbecue in the desert.